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About Globl Revive

Mitigate Your Risk

Leverage our experience and formula, rooted in ROI, to determine an accurate budget and renovation plan.

Hassle-Free Renovations

Our team will spec, design, and manage to ensure quality, timeline, and budgets are kept.

No Money Out-Of-Pocket

We’ll front all capital for pre-sale home renovations with no interest or fees. It’s paid back through escrow.

The Globl Process


Revive drafts a renovation plan

This will be the first event we will display in this element. It could show off your first sale, your first marketing effort etc.


Matched with the right service provider

Our team solicits multiple bids to find the right service provider that delivers affordability, speed, and quality.


Witness the transformation

The renovation plan is set. Colors & materials are selected. Service provider arrives on-site and gets to work. The home will soon be in turn-key condition for the open market.


Sell your home at top dollar

Having a turn-key home makes the highest impact and appeals to the most buyers – making it highly competitive and desirable. On average, “Revived” home sells 72% faster and at a higher amount.

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