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Globl RED Unveils Ambitious Expansion: A New Era of Luxury Real Estate in Las Vegas and Scottsdale

In the realm of luxury real estate, one name has consistently stood out for its experience, exclusivity, and A-list clientele: Globl Real Estate + Development (Globl RED). Nestled in the heart of Beverly Hills, this renowned brokerage has been synonymous with affluent clientele, beautiful properties, and the epitome of Southern California luxury living. Now, in a bold move, Globl RED is expanding its reach beyond the iconic palm-lined streets of Southern California, venturing into the glittering lights of Las Vegas and the sun-soaked elegance of Scottsdale. Globl’s partnership with the cloud based brokerage, REAL, has made the expansion plans easy and seamless.

Globl RED’s Beverly Hills Legacy: A Beacon of Luxury

Founded by the nation’s most prominent celebrity and luxury real estate broker, Kofi Nartey, Globl RED’s leadership and agent roster bring decades of collective experience and over $4B in luxury real estate sales. Nartey has spent time in both markets while servicing his real estate clients, as well as through his ongoing work with the Las Vegas Raiders and Arizona Cardinals as a real estate mentor and mindset speaker.

With an illustrious client roster that includes Hollywood celebrities, business moguls, and international elites, Globl RED has earned its reputation not just as a real estate brokerage but as a curator of lifestyles. Their commitment to personalized service and an unwavering dedication to excellence have set them apart in an industry where exceptional is the baseline.

Expanding Horizons: Globl RED in Las Vegas and Scottsdale

The decision to expand into Las Vegas and Scottsdale represents a strategic move for Globl RED. Both cities, each with its unique allure, offer an exciting canvas for the brokerage to redefine luxury living and elevate the standards of the real estate market. They also act as feeder markets for each other, increasing the reach and access for Globl’s clientele.

Las Vegas: The Entertainment Capital Meets Luxury Living

As the neon lights of the Las Vegas Strip serve as a backdrop, Globl RED aims to infuse the city with a new level of global real estate exposure and experience. Las Vegas, known for its vibrant nightlife, entertainment, and professional sports, will now have a firm with international reach for everything from its penthouses with panoramic Strip views to secluded estates offering an oasis of tranquility on the outskirts of the city’s energy. The agent advisors helping to launch Globl RED in Las Vegas and Henderson bring years of experience living in, and servicing, the real estate communities of the Vegas valley. Globl CEO, Kofi Nartey, has also held his Nevada license for years and has sold properties to and for Vegas’ celebrity athletes and headlining performers. Nartey also has direct ties with the Raiders through his ongoing professional development work with the players and from his brief experience as a wide receiver with the team.

Scottsdale: A Desert Oasis of Elegance

In the heart of the Arizona desert, Scottsdale stands as a testament to refined living amidst nature’s grandeur. Globl RED envisions bringing their signature blend of luxury and personalized service to this exclusive market and surrounding areas. From contemporary desert estates to sprawling ranch-style properties, Scottsdale, Phoenix and Paradise Valley will have a new real estate option with proven luxury reach and experience. Globl RED has tapped luxury industry leader and long time Scottsdale resident, David Pullon to lead its expansion into these markets.

What to Expect from Globl RED’s Expansion:

  1. Exclusive Marketing: Globl RED’s listings in Las Vegas and Scottsdale will benefit from the proprietary tools, strategies and marketing channels Globl has utilized to successfully sell luxury properties over the past two decades.
  2. Personalized Services: Just as in Beverly Hills, clients in Las Vegas and Scottsdale can expect a bespoke experience. Private viewings, concierge services, and discretion in every transaction will continue to be the hallmark of Globl RED’s service.
  3. Global Luxury and Celebrity Reach: Leveraging its strong ties in the entertainment, tech, and sports industries, Globl RED plans to attract more affluent clientele and industry influencers to its new markets, creating a fusion of modern luxury living and the distinctive charm of each city.

Globl RED’s Vision for the Future: A Desirably Different Real Estate Experience

As Globl RED steps onto new terrain, the leadership team expresses their commitment to redefining the concept of a bespoke luxury brokerage. The vision is not merely to sell homes but to curate lifestyles that seamlessly blend the allure of luxury living with the unique offerings of Las Vegas and Scottsdale.

In a statement, Globl RED’s leadership emphasized their excitement about the expansion, describing it as a strategic move to bring a new era of luxury to these vibrant markets. The blend of iconic architecture, personalized service, and celebrity allure promises to set a new standard in Las Vegas and Scottsdale, offering residents a taste of the extraordinary.

“Las Vegas and Scottsdale were obvious choices for Globl’s expansion. They each have their unique offerings, but the overlapping combinations of lifestyle, tax benefits, and weather make them appealing destinations. We are looking forward to bringing tremendous value and global reach to our clients in these cities, as well as those looking to move to one of them.” – Kofi Nartey, Founder/CEO of Globl RED

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